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19th April 2014
For this update I've added some rides to the past rides section. I've added The Bullet from Flamingo Land, Toad Hole from Lightwater Valley, and from Granada Studio Tours I've added The Backstage Tour, The House of Commons, Motion Master and UFO Zone.

8th March 2014
I've written and added my own reviews from PortAventura with new reviews of Furius Baco, Dragon Kahn, El Diablo, Stampidia and Shambhala in the European reviews section.
I've also done a write up of Submission in the past rides section.

14th February 2014
Anyone who's looked at the leaflet section over the last few weeks may have noticed some changes to it. Well those have now finished. Due to the increased size of it I've taken the decision to relaunch it as a separate new look website. You can see it at

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