Bermuda Triangle:
Alien Encounter



This has to rank as one of the most underhyped rides I've done. Before riding everything I saw about it indicated just a splash boat ride with some alien theming. When you get to the station area and the themed lake and mountain that's what it looks like. It wasn't until we got on the ride that I realised this was a full scale dark ride with splash boat sections.

A dark ride with splash boat sections draws comparison to a lot of other rides, such as Pirates of the Caribbean. This though is where the similarities end, most of these rides recreate a charming fantasy world, this one feels more like a cheesy B-movie. This though isn't a bad thing, the tone is about right to make it a fun ride. The models and sets aren't exactly world class, but they fit the feel of the ride, adding to the fun.

A big plus this example has over similar rides is the thrilling aspects of the splashes. Unlike most rides where the splash is a small bonus, here both splashes provide good thrilling drops. This means as well as a good dark ride you also get a good thrilling water ride. Both parts on there own would make a good ride, with them combined you've got an unmissable part of the parks ride line up.