Thinking back, the first time I went on this ride was unplanned. Having read one of the guide books we'd put this one down as a low priority ride, after quite a few other attractions. We just happened to walk past as they were letting guests in for the next show, and just slipped in just before the entrance closed. It's now gone up on to our must do list on a visit to the park.

This show uses a theatrical style called Czech Black Light theatre. I've been to Prague, and have seen some other examples. It's a show with actors and puppets against a black velvet background, with puppeteers dressed in black velvet as well, to create the illusion of the puppets floating in the air. This is a modernised version, using UV light to make the models glow, enhancing the illusion.

There is a loose plot of Donald Duck exploring the Disney Vaults. This is really just a linking device for the various set pieces of the show. This allows for a large array of Disney film songs to be played with accompanying costumed actors and puppets. The overall effect is an enthralling show, that really does give you a chance to appreciate the Disney magic.

There will be some people who won't get this, perhaps because they don't think it's cool to enjoy Disney, but the number of people like this who would be visiting Disneyland would consist of a very small number. For young fans of Disney, or for adults wanting to bring back their childhood, this is an experience not to be missed.