Atlantica Supersplash



I do find the principle behind Splash Boats, like Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park an overrated concept. True, there are some good ones out there, but in essence they're a gimmick ride, and it's a gimmick that could be recreated on a normal log flume by a group of people holding buckets of water.

This version though takes the concept, and raises it to a new level, turning it in to what is technically a water coaster. At the top of the first hill instead of a normal corner of track there's a turntable. This turns the boat, so it is set up to do a large dip of track after the turntable backwards. After this you reach another turntable that faces you forwards for the big drop. This includes a large bunny hop after the initial drop, before you hit the big splash in to the water.

When you combine this great concept with the fact it's in a superbly themed area of the park, what you have is a great example of how you can take what is normally a novelty ride, and turn it in to an attraction of some note.