The question I'm undeniably asked the most when people find out about my love of roller coasters is: "What's the best ride you've ever done?" Unless something wonderful has happened since I wrote this review you're looking at your answer. I then inevitably then have to say it's at a park called Liseberg, located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Like Nemesis this is a ride that has benefited from building restrictions. The limited ground space available at Liseberg means this ride had to be built in a compact area, resulting in a ride that's constantly twisting and turning in on itself. It constantly passes under other sections of track and comes close to the supporting structure, adding a whole extra element of perceived danger and excitement when compared to other wooden coasters.

What really makes this beauty a step above the rest is the sheer amount of energy it runs around the track with. It almost defies the laws of physics as it tears around the track at an astonishing rate. It delivers constant, non stop, high level thrills, right from the rides 70 degree first drop right until the breaks before the station, like almost no other ride I've done has managed to do.