This is a ride I'd heard quite a bit about before visiting, mostly negative comments. It's a wooden coaster with a reputation for being very rough and uncomfortable to ride. I can't really disagree with this, it's very rough and even painful in places. Thanks to this I managed to learn a few new German swear words.

What I don't agree with though is that it's an unenjoyable ride. I've been on rides were the roughness has completely torpedoed any thrills or enjoyment it would have had. Here there's enough fun provided by the drops and hills to mean you still get some enjoyment from it. Admittedly it's a warped and sadistic enjoyment, but I'd take this over a boring or unenjoyable ride any day. It's not one I'd do immediate repeat goes on, but I still came back for a second go later in the day, after I'd recovered from the first.

If you dislike rough coasters this is obviously one to avoid. If though  you are willing to tolerate  the roughness this is a ride you'll get some enjoyment from, and it will definitely stick out in the memory.