Batman Adventure



For a park where so much effort has gone in to the theming Parque Warner has surprisingly few traditional dark rides. It has a scooby doo one which is pretty good, but apart from that there's nothing else. Instead it relies more on shows and enclosed thrill rides. This creates a few problems. One is that it's a large park, so unless you put some effort in to planning your not likely to catch some of the shows. The other one is the language barrier for non Spanish speakers. This might sound a little arrogant, but given this park is close to an appealing holiday destination in Madrid, has some World class rides, and uses several well known pop culture franchises, it's a park that if properly promoted could have international appeal across Europe. It would therefore be of benefit to the park to not have too many attractions of limited appeal to non Spanish speakers.

It's a problem with the pre show of this ride. It sees you walking through Wayne Manor, and down in to the Batcave. Surely the damp Batcave isn't the best place to keep sophisticated crime computers. Apart from the appearance of a shop window mannequin in a Batman costume, most of the pre show is just watching a video on a TV screen, where you can't really tell what's happening.

Luckily the simulator ride is pretty good. The animation looks a little dated now, but it still provides a fun story of flying alongside Batman in one of a fleet of Bat Planes, going out to catch a number of Gotham Cities most notorious criminals. It does feel a little dated in concept, but it's still one that provides some good fun, making it worth doing when visiting the park.