Batman: The Escape



It's hard to believe, but this isn't a custom coaster, but a pre designed factory model. Although this is the only model in Europe there are 12 versions of this Worldwide, mostly in the USA. This includes the worlds first ever B+M inverter at Six Flags Great America. In Europe though B+M are mostly associated with their custom designs like Nemesis and Black Mamba. Their pre designed factory models are much more prominent in America.

Another thing that sets this ride apart from a lot of pre designed rides is the theming. Thanks to the trees and buildings around it and the brilliantly themed station and queue, made to resemble Arkham Asylum, this ride has a sense of belonging in it's setting, and a sense of occasion when you ride it.

It has a long narrow layout,
incorporating a variety of loops and other ride elements found along it. It's quite a good design, but this isn't the rides biggest asset. It tackles the track with a high level of intensity, without becoming uncomfortable or unpleasant. This creates a great thrilling ride, that doesn't feel like a pre designed ride, but a major signature attraction.