Bathtub Flumes



With one of the best rapid rides I've ever done at Tripsdrill, it would be a lot to ask for it to have one of the best flume rides I've ever done located right next to it. It comes as a very pleasant surprise to find just that.

From a technical standpoint it has a very promising layout. It has 3 drops including a backwards one, and a large drop as a finale, meaning this would still be a ride doing if it was set on a plain plot of concrete.

This version isn't like that however. It's set in a very pleasant building area, with the theme of a giant bath house. This includes one very interesting scene inside, you might spot in one of the photos an interesting scene I don't think you'd get away with in the UK. It would be interesting if a park tried it though.

The end result is a great flume ride that provides thrills, and never fails to keep you entertained throughout the ride.