Blue Tornado



Sadly the main thing I'll remember about this ride won't be the ride itself but the queue. It saw me witness one of the worst examples of putting profit ahead of guest enjoyment I've come across. Quite a few parks do sell fast passes, where you pay extra to skip the queue, and I can't say I would never ever use them myself. It's annoying when your standing in a queue to see people skip it, but in most cases the selling of fast passes has been limited enough to not effect the length of the queue that much. Here though at a booth a minutes walk from the rides entrance was a booth selling single use fast passes for 3 Euros. This meant about a quarter of all the seats were given to people in the fast pass queue, which is very annoying when your stuck in a cattle pen style queue for 40 minutes.

If you've travelled around Europe, or have just ridden Infusion at Blackpool, this won't offer much new. It's a model known as the suspended looping coaster (SLC) of which there are around 20 worldwide, this is my 6th one. This one though is a little different, as it has an extension at the end, finishing with a helix not found on the standard model. This doesn't sound like a big deal, but thanks to the fact you swoop close to the ground at speed it's a nice thrilling bonus.

My experience with SLC's has been a mixed bag, scoring as low as 6, all the way up to 9. Well maintained ones run around some thrilling elements, providing an exciting ride. Some of the worst though have become very rough, making them rides you'd hardly need prioritise to say the least. This one wasn't too bad. The roughness was there, but it wasn't that overwhelming. It didn't reach the level of thrills I've experienced on the best examples, but it still provided a decent ride.

On a quieter day it's worth a go, but on a busier day if you don't want to skip it you'll either have to pay extra for the fast pass, or endure a queue that's longer than this ride is really worth.