Black Mamba



This is a B+M inverted coaster set in the ground, in a well themed area, but it's not Nemesis. It's obvious a little of this ride's inspiration comes from that particular ride . This is no bad thing, it does have the risk of obtaining the status as an inferior attempt to copy an established success, but I think this ride has more than enough on offer to be regarded as more than that.

The whole area around the ride has a Tribal African theme. This works really well, as it adds a good atmosphere to the area around the ride, and the theming and queue area do a good job in raising your anticipation level before you ride on it. One personal favourite bit found here is a bridge that lets you walk through the rides vertical loop, they should reroute the queue on Nemesis to do that.

The ride achieves a good pace as it goes around the various inversions. It has a layout that's been well designed to ensure it has variety throughout. The scenery also adds a lot of excitement to the ride with you diving through tunnels and coming close to the scenery. It's not quite up to the standards of Nemesis, but very few rides can say that. This one still deserves to be recognised as a great ride in it's own right.