Bob Express



Thinking about it I haven't been on that many powered coasters. I've done over 200 coasters, yet I'm struggling to think of 10 powered coasters I've done, I would have thought I'd done more. It was a close contest to which is best between the mine trains at Alton Towers and Europa Park, now this has given me a clear winner.

At first glance you think it might struggle. It's not set in a themed area like most major powered coasters I've done. Instead it's set over a large are of lake, sharing some space with one of the parks log flumes. It's interesting to note that all of my top 3 powered coasters share their space with a water ride.

What this ride has over other powered coasters is sheer scale. The open lake location allows it to reach it's thrilling top speed and maintain it for a prolonged period of time. Being in a large open area over a lake adds a sense of drama to proceedings, which helps create a thrilling experience unrivalled by any other powered coaster. Normally a powered coaster is a ride I like to do if there's time, but won't feel to disappointed if I have to skip. This though is a ride I would prioritise if I was visiting the park.