You may have been on a bobsleigh coaster before. It's a coaster consisting of a large pipe like structure which you ride down instead of a track. The example that immediately springs to mind is the Avalanche at Blackpool, but there are also examples at Parc Asterix and Europa Park.  All of these examples are made by a company called Mack, a ride manufacturer best known for it's great family coasters and water rides. This version at Efteling is an example of a Bobsleigh made by a company called Intamin, a company known for it's highly thrilling rides, and the difference between the two companies is evident here.

The ride achieves a much higher level of thrills and intensity than you would normally expect from a Bobsleigh coaster. It tears around the track at a great pace, in a way that thrills and disorientates you as you tear around it. Another notable difference is instead of a short family ride you get a much longer ride tearing around the woods. If you've been on Avalanche, or similar rides you might think you know what to expect. Instead you will be rewarded with a ride of great quality that will come as a very pleasant surprise.