The Boomerang is a coaster that has dropped a long way down the rankings. It used to be considered a good signature coaster, nowadays it's either a filler coaster at larger parks, or it's not that major a ride, even when a smaller park has it as a signature coaster. Part of the problem is that they're not always that  well maintained, which means they don't come across as great rides. Here's a rare example of a Boomerang that's been looked after, and updated, to allow it to fulfil all the potential it has.

For a start as you approach, it looks the part. Unlike the ageing paintwork many models are lumbered with, this one has a bright eye-catching design, with some good signs to catch your eye. It's also been well positioned so you view it from a good angle, this does a good job of selling the ride to you before you ride it.

Another great addition is an updated coaster train. Instead of the usual over the shoulder restraints, which can make the ride uncomfortable, these trains have a new lap based restraint system. Not only do these make it more comfortable, they also add an extra element of danger of feeling more exposed and vulnerable. This is especially scary on the initial lift, as you're winched backwards up the first steep hill, so are leaning forward at a steep angle with just a lap restraint.

Thanks to these restraints you get the full potential from this underrated classic coaster layout, and you get a chance to appreciate some of the great thrills it provides, and the high intensity, especially when you do the loop backwards. This ride sets an example which I think all parks with a boomerang coaster would be wise to take note off.