Booster Bike:



One of the more interesting things to observe when writing these reviews is the differences between similar rides. One of the hardest things to express though in these reviews though are these differences. It's a relevant point here due to the similarities between this and Velocity at Flamingo Land.

Both are power launched rides, with cars in the shape of motorbikes. Both have similar layouts, starting with a launch down a long strait, leading to a twisted compact area of track, before returning down a bumpy strait of track back to the station. For reasons that are hard to put my finger on though I prefer Velocity by a fair margin. That version comes across as more energetic and exciting.

Don't get me wrong, this is still a good roller coaster for the family thrill seeker. A large part of that is due to the launch itself, that although not as intense as some of the major thrill coasters, still provides a good exciting start to the ride. It still continues to provide good thrills as you continue around the track. It's not a must do, but if your visiting the park (probably to do Troy) this is a nice added bonus.