Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast



This is one of Disney's most recent dark rides, with interactive gun game rides based around various aspects of the Toy Story films having appeared in several Disney parks. I haven't ever seen the spin off cartoon known as Buzz Lightyears Star Command that was made, but I think this is where most of this ride draws it's inspiration. It sees you joining in with the fight against Buzz Lightyears arch enemy, the Evil Emperor Zurg.

It may be based on the spin off, rather than the film, but this makes it a perfect fit for Discovery Land, with it's fantasy sci fi theme. It manages to strike a good balance of being cartoony, without feeling too childish. The whole effect is one of an excellent quality, and great immersion in the experience. You could quite easily have this as a ride without the interactive elements, and it would still stand up as a good dark ride.

One interesting feature of this ride is the fact you control the cars by spinning them around with a joystick. At first I found this distracting, but after a go or two I got use to it and found it a nice feature. It adds an extra element to the game, and allows for some hidden targets located where you might not expect to find them. The gun game aspect works very well, there's not that large a number of targets, but it's paced well enough to ensure your rarely struggling to find a target to aim for, and the smaller number of targets means you do focus on the story this ride creates as you go round. Overall a good ride, not the best dark ride Disney has to offer, but it's still one for I'd want to queue for at least once.