Calamity Mine



Walibi Belgium is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to theming. Most of it is nicely landscaped, and some rides are individually themed in areas with a generic feel. However there are some nicely themed areas though, my favourite is the Wild West themed area. In this area is a freefall tower, a collection of shops. The main attraction though has to be this superbly themed mine train.

The whole setting is a great mix of buildings, tunnels and even a waterfall and lake, which help build up the excitement before you even ride it. One thing you might think from the queue is it is a racing coaster, as it features two hill lifts side by side. This is actually part of a long layout that features parallel hill lifts, both of which you climb during the course.

To ride it doesn't quite hold up to other themed mine trains I've done like Big Thunder Mountain at Disney and The Colorado Adventure at Phantasialand, which is a shame considering the great theming, but it still provides a good family coaster. It falls short of being a must do, but it still merits a go if the queue is at a reasonable level.