Cave of the Tarantulas



Riding this reminded me of watching an episode of Peter Andre's reality TV show. I know I shouldn't like it, but something convinces me otherwise. A while ago this was an old shabby ride, in need of a makeover, rather than spruce it up they decided to make it an interactive gun game ride instead. I could make a joke about a number of UK parks here, but it would be too easy. What you have as a result is a shabby ride with a gun game element.

One thing that helps this ride is the lighting, it's fair to say this is a ride that looks best in low lighting. This has been implemented. This helps to create an atmosphere that matches the story of going through caves filled with giant spiders, and hiding some of the models deficiencies that would be more prominent.

What really makes the ride fun though is the fact the interactive element has been properly incorporated in to the ride. For a start there are plenty of targets, meaning there are no dull moments at any point. What really makes this ride work though this that instead of just having lots of random targets that change colour when hit (again too easy) a lot of the targets affect the environment by making models move, lights flash, or activating air blasters.

The end result is a ride where you are happy to ignore it's failings because it's so much fun. Because of this I would rank it ahead of a lot of interactive dark rides with more sophisticated theming. This is a ride I don't think I could ever resist a couple of goes on.