Challenge of Tutankhamen



This is a review I'm not even sure I should write. This is a ride that's had rave reviews, and has even been voted Europe's best dark ride in some polls. I personally didn't find it matched these expectations, but I think a lot of this is to do with the circumstances of my visit.

My visit was on a busy day when the queue was over an hour. This normally wouldn't turn me against a ride, but in this case it brings up some issues. One is due to the fact the ride is designed with several endings, depending on how well you do in the ride, although it wasn't apparent exactly what you had to do to get the good ending. When riding we got the bad ending. When reading about the alternate endings I assumed the bad ending was an alternate scene, instead it's just a premature ending to the ride, with you going down a plain corridor. After an hour of cattle pen style queuing we were annoyed to find out we were missing out on the full experience.

The other big problem arises from the fact we couldn't really do any repeat rides. The problem is we struggled with the gun game aspect of the ride. We weren't exactly sure where we were pointing, and when we were hitting a target. I remember on Duel at Alton Towers how I wasn't impressed at first, but after a few goes, and picking up more about the gun aspect I started to like it a lot more. I have the feeling if I went on a quiet day, and did some repeat goes to get more use to the gun game aspect I would like this ride a lot more.

I can see why this is rated so highly. It has some of the highest quality theming on any European dark ride, it even holds up to Disney quality. It also creates a good atmosphere as well. I'm sure on a quiet day with several repeat rides I would start to like this ride, I don't think I would do this ride again unless I knew I could do this.