Coaster Express



A very popular view amongst roller coaster enthusiasts is a preference for wooden coasters over steel. A few years back I would have agreed, since then though I've become less sure. Shortly after riding Balder, (Liseberg) my all time favourite coaster, a wooden coaster, this and my second favorite coaster Thunder Coaster (Tusenfryd) put woodies in the lead. Since then though I've traveled around more of Europe, and have done more woodies. Instead of riding more woodies that made the list of my all time top coasters I found most new woodies I rode ranked behind an ever growing list of favourite steelies. I find that the absolute best woodies rank ahead of the absolute best steel, but after these 2 or 3 coasters steel outranks wood by a long way.

Another factor that influences fans of woodies is they can highlight a lot of rough and uncomfortable steel coasters to argue their inferiority. Well it turns out woodies can be rough and uncomfortable as well, and in this case worse than most of the rough steel.

As you might have gathered this one is bad to ride. From the first drop to the final breaks it's continuous rough shaking that makes it a terrible ride. It doesn't just reduce the amount of enjoyment, but makes riding it a thoroughly unpleasant experience. It's so bad that having ridden it once I can't envision any circumstances in which I'm likely to ride it again. With so many great rides at Parque Warner there is no reason to take up time riding this.