Colorado Adventure:
The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride



Yes, you have read that right, this ride is subtitled the Michael Jackson Thrill Ride. I think it's because anyone under 1.2 metres is advised to stay away from it. This is probably the most thrilling coaster a baby can go on, they won't fit in the restraints, but you can dangle it precariously over the edge of the train as you go round.

The fact this ride is still called this does seem to defy logic. Phantasialand is a big park that can afford it's own B+M inverter, surely they can afford a couple of signs that just say Colorado Adventure on it. If you're going to add a celebrity connection to a ride, why choose one of such major public ridicule? If anyone does know a logical reason for this I'd like to here it.

This ride has some great theming. This and the log flume are set in a large Western themed area, with this ride having a runaway mine train theme. With so many mine train coasters about a ride needs to be something special to stand out. Luckily that's exactly what this ride does. It's in a superbly themed area and creates a very fun and thrilling ride as it goes around a surprisingly large area. Outside of a Disney Park this is one of the best mine train coasters I've ridden. At a lot of parks this would be good enough to be a signature coaster. It says something about the high quality of the rides at Phantasialand that a coaster this good can be seen as a support ride to the star attractions. It's not one to overlook, this is one of many must do rides at Phantasialand.