Crush's Coaster



There is one quibble with this ride that I want to get off my chest at the start. Disney have a policy that you must take your bags and possessions on a ride with you. This is at least manageable on most of their rides, where even their looping coasters have somewhere you can secure your bags at your feet. On this ride the cars are a lot more open, making it very difficult to secure a bag, meaning you do have to concentrate on holding on to it. This is especially annoying considering there is a large empty area you walk past in the queue and as you exit that could be used for a bag storage counter.

This quibble aside this is a very good ride. It's a spinning coaster themed around a trip through the East Australian Current in the film Finding Nemo. After the initial drop you head inside to a dark ride style section, which is themed as an undersea reef, with various characters from the film to watch out for. This section culminates with a near miss with Bruce the Shark on the hill lift.

After this is the main coaster section. The theming of this section does feel like a bit of a let down. The truth is it's pretty good theming consisting of a lightshow to recreate the effect of being underwater, and at almost any other park I'd be very impressed. At a Disney park, compared to the standards I've come to expect, this feels a little below par. A few models of the turtles from the film would go a long way here to rectify this situation. To be honest though this isn't to much of an issue as this ride sets a great pace, creating a very exciting ride as you tear around it. This is enhanced by being in a dark environment,  giving a real sense of danger about what your doing. Not just a great family coaster, but simple a great coaster full stop.