The Daemonen



One of the words I'd most associate with Tivoli Gardens is traditional. This is quite an achievement when you consider the park is home to quite a few modern rides, which manage to seamlessly blend in. Perhaps the best example is this ride, where a very untraditional B+M looping rollercoaster fits in so well, it's hard to believe it hasn't always been there.

I suppose I should mention this coaster has a gimmick. That of having floorless cars. To be honest though I think this gimmick is a bit of a waste of time. Being able to glimpse down at the track doesn't really make that much of a difference, and seeing as most of your weight is on your bottom being floorless doesn't add anything extra in perceived danger or excitement.

Despite the gimmick not being up to much it's still a pretty good ride. It's a ride with a well designed layout, with no dull points, and some exciting moments as you find yourself swooping towards the ground. It doesn't have as great perception of speed as some of the best B+M coasters, so it's more one worth 1 or 2 goes, rather than one you'll want to do again and again. This though doesn't stop it being a good thrilling coaster, that fits in well as part of Tivoli Gardens ride line up.