Dragon Khan



There was a time when a B+M coaster was a rarity in Europe, and riding a new one was something I looked forward to in major anticipation, knowing I'd be in for something special. Nowadays with more major parks getting their own B+M your being spoilt for choice. Has this made them any less special to ride? I don't think so.

Built in 1995 this was one of the earliest models to grace Europe, but you wouldn't know by looking at it. The theming and look of the ride and the Chinese themed area it's in is both beautiful and immaculate. It looks like it could have been built a month ago. Not only that but the track layout still easily holds up, even outshining many modern creations, even many years on. With it's 148 foot hill lift, 100 foot plus first loop, followed by 7 more inversions in a twisted intricate layout it's one of the most monstrous roller coaster creations your likely to find anywhere in the world.

Having seen all this you'd come to the conclusion it would have to do something catastrophically wrong to be anything other than a top level ride. The good news is it gets everything right. The train tears around the track providing thrill after thrill as it hits the different ride elements. The pacing is nigh on perfect, there is enough variety to eliminate any sense of being repetitive, it's one of the best examples of a multi looping coaster out there. Even with more B+M coasters hitting the market this still holds up as one of their best creations and a must try coaster.

Dragon Khan: Second Opinion:


Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review for me.

This ride is my favourite ride ever. It's a huge roller coaster that can be seen from around the park. It was one of Port Aventura's 2 original roller coasters when it opened in 1995. I first saw it when I got off my plane which landed in a tiny airport in Salou called Rues. Dragon Khan for 6 years held the record for most inversions (8) until Thorpe Park built Colossus which has ten, but this ride is so much better then Colossus or any other roller coaster that I've been on, this ride also has one of the worlds biggest vertical loops (118ft).

Dragon Khan is in the China land of Port Aventura, the only way to the ride is over a path which is made to look like the great wall of China. China land has dragon khan based outlets like shops restaurants and the like. The ride starts in the Chinese themed loading station, then you sit in the "train" which can hold 28 riders. From there you go up the chain hill then get dropped into the eight inversions which include loops, corkscrews, zero G-rolls and cobra rolls then come back into the station.

Another 2 things I like about the ride is the length of time your on it and the speed it travels. The ride lasts nearly 2 minutes and reaches speeds of 65mph, this ride I've seen in recent years has been overlooked due to Furious Baco and Hukaran Condor, this though would be a mistake as it's an absolute must do for any lovers of roller coasters or thrills.