The Dream Catcher



This coaster is host to a gimmick that was popular in the 1980's and early 90's, it's a swinging coaster. In it the trains dangle below the track and can swing about. It's the same gimmick as found on the Vampire at Chessington.

The theming of this ride is something I'm fond of. It consists of Native American related items, including a Wigwam and a giant dream catcher that gives this ride it's name. It's a good example of how a good job of theming a ride can be done on a modest budget. The main ride is set over a lake, and a nice effort has been made to add to the experience with a number of fountains set around the ride. Unfortunately you don't get the near misses with trees or buildings, or swooping close to the ground you get with the Vampire.

So how does it compare with the Vampire to ride. It's an interesting comparison, this ride is more consistent. From the first drop onwards it maintains a moderately thrilling pace throughout the ride, unlike the Vampire which has quite a few slow sections on it's route. In contrast though it never gets above this moderately thrilling pace, to a more highly thrilling pace which the Vampire achieves during it's best sections.

So which is best? Overall because it achieves more thrilling moments, and is in a more exciting setting I prefer the Vampire. This example though still remains a good example of a novel and fun family coaster.