Dream Lake



If by some chance you do ever find yourself designing your own kids park on a budget you could do much worse than look to Fiabilandia for inspiration. Here's a great example, it's a simple ride of a train (themed as a boat) going around a track in a scenic area. Whilst most parks would settle for some fibreglass models and a few plants here they've made the extra effort.

It's part of a larger Chinese themed area. As well as some nice plants and statues, the experience is enhanced by some simple movements like spinning parasols, and a set of fountains forming a tunnel over the track, that turn off just in time to avoid getting you wet.

After the outside garden section you ride into the Dragon's mouth. Here I was expecting a quick corner back to the station. Instead there are some long tunnels which take you to a nice large model of a mystic Oriental tree. This acts as a nice finally to the ride.

Although not a must do ride, especially as you can see a lot of the scenery without riding, it's still a nice pleasant way to spend some time. Unless for some reason the queues get horrendous or you're badly pushed for time it definitely worth a go.