El Diablo-Tren de la Mina



This wasn't a a ride I had huge expectations of. Not only had I heard mixed opinions from previous riders, I had also read a mention in renowned park designers John Wardley's biography, where he wasn't happy with the design of the ride, but it was to late to cancel it by the time he was brought in as a consultant for the design of PortAventura.

It was a surprise then when it started out pretty well. The great theming in the station and queue does take a nosedive once you're out of view of the public paths, being non descript baron land, but the train sets a fair pace around the twists and turns. Not exactly a stand out ride, but an acceptable family coaster.

The problems occur when you reach the end of the first section, and have a hill lift, or more accurately hill lifts. There's a hill lift followed by a meandering piece of track, followed by a second hill lift. If feels like a bad roller coaster tycoon design, where not enough future planning was done before starting to design the ride. It means spending a long time moving slowly with little to entertain you, completely disrupting the pacing of the ride. After the lifts there is a drop and some turns, but this part is over before it really gets going, it's not enough to turn things around.

It's not a total waste of time, as the first part provides an O.K. family coaster, that's still worth a ride if the queue isn't too bad. However the below par theming, and pace ruining track design means this isn't one I'd hesitate to skip.

El Diablo-Tren de la Mina


Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review for me.

This is a type of ride you see in almost every park, the mine train! This one is my favourite mine train, it is based in the Mexican land of Port Aventura. It was one of two original roller coaster when Port Aventura opened in 1995, it was this and Dragon Khan.

The ride is big for a mine train, the basic plot of the ride is that some miners went into El Diablo 50 years ago and never repapered, and you are the first people brave enough to venture inside. The theming is brilliant although I think the whole park has brilliant theming. The ride also goes on for a massive 3mins 10 seconds and hits a top speed of 60km/h. All in all I think this is a great family ride and better then your average mine train.