El Paso Special



The first interactive dark ride I rode was the Golden Nuggets Wild West Shoot Out at Drayton Manor, and this ride is like a larger version of that. It has a Mexican theme, instead of a Wild West theme, but aspects like bandits, Saloons and desert frontiers do cross over.

The way the models work is similar as well. You go around a large course shooting targets, which makes one of the models move. The models are not of an outstanding quality, but are of an adequate standard to ensure your enjoyment of this type of ride.

Unfortunately this example isn't as rerideable as other examples of interactive dark rides I've been on. Most of the targets are a simple point and shoot affair, with no extra challenges like targets hidden behind doors, or any bonus targets or moving targets. I was able to hit practically every target on my second go. The other big problem is no scores are kept, robbing the ride of a lot of it's competitive aspect, and motivation for repeat rides.

For just a couple of goes though this is a very fun and entertaining ride. Given the large amount of stuff to do at Bobbejaanland this isn't to much of a problem, and this ride makes a great part of the parks line up.