Epidemais Croisiere



You know if you look at a timeline of Parc Asterix you will notice some patterns across different periods, especially if you look at the theming of the rides. During the early days much of the theming, or the concept for the rides was linked with the characters and books. Then there was a period in the late 90's and 00's where they started to move away from that with rides themed around other subjects, with a style not directly linked with the books. More recently though there has been a much stronger link to the cartoony theme of the books when theming new rides.

This ride goes right back to the early days, with lots of characters from the book, it's one of the main rides the Astrerix licence initially was based around. It's a long boat ride around the edge of the area themed as the famous Gaulish Village, with lots of models of characters from the books. Now before I continue I think I should declare an interest. When I was young I was a huge fan of the Asterix books, having asked and got a number of the books for Christmas, and having read most of the rest having borrowed them from one of my local libraries. This does bring a fun element of nostalgia to this ride for me as I recognise various characters from my childhood reading, which means I get a lot of enjoyment from the ride people who aren't as familiar with the books won't get.

That's not to say anyone who's not read the books to give this a miss though. While on your journey there is a great collection of models to look at. All are bright and colourful, and are of a great quality that defies the rides age. The models are so good that if I hadn't ridden this as a child I could happily believe this ride was a recent addition, not over 20 years old. Perhaps where this ride lacks is it doesn't tell much of a story, either as a whole where it's just a case of ride around and look at them, or in each scene, with most models only having some basic movements.

Overall, if your not a huge fan of the books you could probably skip this, especially as most of the models can be seen while walking around the area without having to queue for this anyway, although this ride is often quiet enough to make it worth the short amount of time needed to have one go. As for fans of the books like me, the queue would have to get to horrendous levels before I'd be willing to miss out on giving this a go.