Thinking about it there hasn't been much in the form of enclosed coasters in the U.K. recently. With quite a few good up and coming parks I would have expected one or two to have opened. You can turn a standard coaster that wouldn't normally be a big deal in to a marketable attraction by enclosing it in a cheap structure and adding some disco lights. Of course an even better option is to take a great coaster, and turn it in to something magnificent, like what has been done here.

From the outside it's a large spherical shaped structure. When I went it had been decorated as a huge pumpkin for Halloween, but normally it's a giant white sphere, that looks quite a lot like Epcot at Disney World Florida.

The ride starts with an unusual lift system. It's a spiral lift with the power provided by a big rotating drum in the centre the train hooks on to. This works especially well on a dark ride, as it creates a sense of disorientation. You're never sure how high you are, or how much longer to the top.

Once you hit the top the train tears around the track at an exciting pace as it twists and turns around the dome, continuing the feeling of disorientation throughout the ride. It stands out as a great example of an enclosed coaster.