One ride I do miss is the Black Hole at Alton Towers. It may not have been up to the standards of the enclosed coasters at Disneyland Paris, but it was still a great thrilling ride, which I personally have a lot of history with, having first ridden it back in 1990. Here though is a ride which makes for a good substitute.

It doesn't start off too promisingly. It's entrance is located at the back of a building containing a Splash Battle and a cafe, and sees you walking through an unassuming entranceway. The theming in the queue and station also feels a little shabby and tacky, so I didn't have high expectations of this ride.

The train deserves a special mention as it must be one of the longest I've done on any coaster. I think it has a capacity of 60 people, which must be one of the highest numbers going. I got the back seat on one go, and it took 15 seconds just to get to the front of the station.

The ride starts with a giant spiral hill lift, which is where the ride picks up from the unpromising build up. The spiral lift is enclosed in a large hall, in which some simple but effective sound and lighting effects do a great job in creating an atmosphere, and building up your anticipation for what's to come.

Then comes the ride itself. It's a highly thrilling coaster which creates a great rate of speed you wouldn't believe a ride with such a large train could achieve. Outside this would be a good ride, enclosed with you going through tunnels and past lighting effects it creates a great experience that comes highly recommended.