Fata Morgana



With the presence of a Disney park in Paris it feels like when I'm comparing rides around Europe, there will always be some labelled the best outside of Disney. Some types of rides like mine trains and enclosed coasters will always struggle to match the standard set by Disney, and the presence of Pirates of the Caribbean and other great rides means there is a similar situation with dark rides. Lots of parks have tried to emulate the Pirates of the Caribbean formula, this is the closest I've known a ride to come to matching it.

It helps that it's gone for a Moroccan adventure theme. Not only does this add a fresh feeling when compared to less originally themed dark rides, it is a theme does add a good sense of adventure to proceedings as you ride around it.

Once you've left the loading station your completely immersed in the whole experience. The models are of a great quality, with a high attention to detail, and this is kept up throughout. All of this is done with models on a large scale, and it's a long ride, meaning there's no chance of you feeling short changed.

This is an absolutely great dark ride, and a ride that should be near the top of your to do list on a visit to Efteling.