Fuga da Atlantide



I mentioned in the Blue Tornado review how the ride was marred by memories of profit being put ahead of guest enjoyment, sadly this ride also has been tainted by problems along the same lines. At the entrance to the queue there are members of staff assigned to turning away anyone carrying a bag, meaning you either have to leave your valuables unattended, or pay for a locker just to join the queue. It doesn't help that there's an inadequate number of lockers, and that they use an annoyingly complex electronic system, but even with these issues aside it's annoying they couldn't have the staff turning people away from the queue manning a bag counter at the end of the queue instead.

I should also point out the restraints used are some I recognise as some of the less forgiving if your what's politely referred to as a larger rider. This does deserve a special mention as there was no test seat to try. I got the impression that wasn't that big an issue in Italy, but any larger visitors planning a visit might want to bare this in mind.

The ride is a splash boat in an incredibly well themed section. It consists of two drops into two large pools surrounded by spectacular scenery to match the Atlantis theme.

Even without the scenery though it has a lot to offer. Both drops have some fast moving corners, followed by a thrilling descent down in to the water. The fact you travel fast around the turns means you could arguably count this as a roller coaster, it's something I would count.

The only slight down point of the ride is the parts between the splash downs, and the next hill lift or ride station. The scenery provides a great setting, but there's nothing on a more personal level to hold your interest, making the parts after the splashes feel a little dull. This though isn't that big a detraction from what is a great ride. If it wasn't for the mucking about with the lockers I would say it was a high priority on a visit to Gardaland. As it stands I would still give it a go on a quieter day, but I can see myself skipping it on a busier one.