Flic Flac



This ride is a bit of a rarity, the only other version I know of is at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen It consists of a circle of pods on the end of a number of arms. The arms spin round in a circle while moving up and down, causing the pods to rock back and forth violently, to the point where they flip over multiple times, somersaulting the riders. The only comparable ride I've done is called the Mondial Shake, that is reasonably common at the larger European fairs, but is still not a ride I've encountered in the UK. I think someone should put this right, as I think it would make a good investment for a UK park.

I thought the Tivoli version was good, but this one tops it with an even madder setting. Where the hi-light of the Tivoli one was a triple somersault, this one managed 4 forwards ones, immediately followed with the pod rocking backwards to do a reverse somersault. The only problem
is it takes a bit of time for the pods to gather enough momentum to flip every time. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it would be too much for most if it continuously flipped, but this does mean some duller moments between the thrilling ones. This prevents the ride joining the upper echelon of extreme thrill rides, but it's not enough to stop it being a great ride.