The Flying Dutchman



This ride is a curious hybrid of dark ride, roller coaster and water ride. It also has a part with elements of a walkthrough scenic attraction, it's known as the queue. I say this because it has one of the most extravagantly decorated queue lines about, seeing you go through the rooms of a large harbour fort, until you come to the spectacular loading area.

Once you loaded it's on to the dark ride area, and here the word dark feels very appropriate. It sees the boat drifting slowly through a dark misty room with only a few lights. Although this does create a moody atmosphere, it felt to me like someone was trying too hard be clever. Apart from a few exciting parts on the hill lift, I thought this section fell a little flat. It's a shame because it would only take a few simple models of rocks in the water, and pieces of shipwreck to make this section feel more complete.

After this it's on to the water coaster section. The coaster section is short, but still fun, and features a highly banked curve halfway through. After this section you then splash down in to the water. You don't get as wet as you might think here, as a lot of the water is directed away from the boat.

After this the boat transfers back to the station. I think this section suffers from being too long, as not much happens, and it takes quite a while to get back to the station. This is a bit of a come down after the excitement of the coaster section.

Looking at it, this is a good ride, but it's a shame it's not better. With the effort that has gone in to the theming, Efteling is deserving of a World class ride. Unfortunately it doesn't reach these standards, but it's still a good ride worth doing at least once if you visit the park.