Den Flyvende Kuffert



This ride is one I'd class as a hidden gem. It's located in what looks like a small building from the outside. It's nicely themed, but doesn't really hold the promise of anything other than a small kiddies ride.

On entering you found out about this rides Tardis like qualities as you descend underground in to a large station area. Here you board your cars, which have the nice feature of buttons that let you choose between English and Danish commentary. An idea I think a lot of parks appealing to a multi-lingual market would be wise to copy.

Once your going you follow what's a very intricate and complex path, as the ride spirals up and down through several levels and areas, making this ride a much grander experience than you first expect.

While taking this route you pass a large number of models depicting scenes from the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, which is a great choice considering he was a Danish author, who spent a portion of his life in Copenhagen. All of the models are of a good quality, and have a nice nostalgic charm about them. It's a very nice scenic ride hidden away here.