Forest Racer:



Forest Racer, or Wood Racer, depending on what version of the park map you read, does feel like a throwback to Toverland's pre Booster Bike days when it was a small kiddie park. This is apparent in the rides low capacity, which meant long queues that put me off repeat rides. Despite the name it's not a racing coaster, or set among any trees. It's an unusual cross between a toboggan and a set of dodgems. You ride around in a toboggan style half pipe, in a car that's powered electrically, by picking up power from the side of the track like a dodgem car would. You could class this as a type of powered roller coaster.

You leave the station and follow a route around a number of grassy mounds and curves that take you up as well as down, as opposed to the traditional gravity powered toboggan that only goes down. Theoretically this should lead to a more varied and exciting version of a classic ride. Sadly this isn't the case in practice. The ride never achieves a speed that offers more than mild thrills. Even on the downwards sections it couldn't match the speed and thrills I'd expect from a traditional gravity toboggan. The end result is an average forgettable ride. It would be worth a quick go on a quiet day, but I wouldn't join a big queue to try it.