Fu Ming's Maze



Generally the maze is not that exciting an amusement device. They work as a small part of a fun house, but larger ones don't hold much interest unless something good has been done to jazz it up. The example that springs to mind is the Chinese Puzzle Maze at Blackpool.

The subject of Chinese themed rides brings me to this, which uses the formula of 40% maze, 15% funhouse, + 45% pleasant gardens = 100% great family attraction. It starts out with a nice Chinese garden area. It looks like just a walk to the central pagoda, where you can climb up to the top. If you venture in though there are a few surprises. The first is you don't get to go to the upper level of the pagoda. This is a surprise as you think they would have wanted to utilise the structure after building it. The nice surprise though is the large secret garden at the back of the pagoda.

The walkthrough here consists of some nice themed areas, some interesting maze areas as well as a few simple fun house obstacles. This results in a very nice and pleasant attraction. Seeing as it's walkthrough nature means your very unlikely to have to ever queue for it, it's definitely one to do.