Fun Ball



If I did have one disappointment about Weiner Prater it would be the fun houses. They do have several on offer, but they were all pretty standard affairs, certainly below the standard I'd expect from this park, and the standard I've come to expect from European funfairs in general. Then  towards the end of the night I came across a path I hadn't been down yet. This was good because it led me to a small family coaster I had yet to ride and this fun house.

This ride is well decorated. It's bright and colourful, and does a good job of enhancing this attraction. It starts out with a walkthrough area, but this is just a warm up for this rides real highlight. It leads to a big hall area, with a number of fun features located within it. What's also good here is there a number of routes you can take. One leads back down to the exit, but there are several other routes you can take, such as up a set of nets and down a slide, or through a maze at the back of the hall.

Overall this is a very good example of a fun house attraction, that stands out from the pack by being a little different from your standard funhouse affair. It's one that's well worth seeking out.