The Fun House



The first thing I think I need to do is give directions to finding this ride. On my first visit to the park I missed it, not realising it existed. I saw a brief glimpse from the Rutschebanen but thought it was just a kids play area. Behind the Rutschebanen there is a long street that has various shops, games and restaurants located along it. The entrance is along this street, look for a set of turnstiles.

As well as being notable for being enclosed within a scenic railway roller coaster, it's also notable as an unusual ride. The most common type of fun house are walk through, where you negotiate features and obstacles along a set route. This on is different because instead it's a large hall with features and obstacles located in various places, on different levels in the hall. This includes several walkways located higher up, with obstacles and bridges you can use to reach them, and a big slide you use to get down.

I personally find that funhouses work better as a set route. They have more of a sense of purpose, and feel more like a complete ride, rather than a playground. Still this is a fun ride, which provides some good amusement, and is still one I'd go on when passing.