Furius Baco



Here's a tip for any park owners reading (hi). If you've decided to install a large custom designed coaster and choose Intamin to design it, that's a good choice, but make sure you ask for something that runs above the track. With the possible exception of the Inpulse and Zacspins, (although I wouldn't consider them large scale custom installations) they've had little success going under or to the side. Their attempts at custom inverted coasters weren't that successful critically or commercially, and their attempts at a winged coaster have resulted in only one example ever being built. This is in stark contrast to B+M who have now built numerous wing coasters like The Swarm at Thorpe Park.

Is it a bad ride then? Actually this is a good ride, that could easily be a signature ride in the majority of parks (where there's less competition) but I came away with the feeling it should have been a lot better.

The theming, like all of Port Aventura is excellent. It's in the Mediterranean area of the park, and the queue and station is themed as a vineyard. Once you've boarded the car you watch a show with an animatronics monkey, before being launched out of the station. You start in an area mostly hidden from public view, where you speed around, making a number of twists and turns. Good work has been done to make the gimmick more exciting with you speeding through a number of trenches. You then head out through an inline twist before making several sweeps over the adjacent lake, before heading back to the station.

It's a great, highly thrilling ride. The trouble is the track isn't that smooth. It's not at a terrible level, I could happily ride this multiple times in a day, but it's a bigger problem than it would be on a normal steel coaster due to this rides reliance on high speed to provide the majority of it's thrills. It takes the edge of things, so what should be scoring a 9 only ends up with an 8. Don't let this put you off from trying it though, you definitely want at least one go on this thanks to the major thrills it provides.

Furius Baco: Second Opinion:


Thanks to  Sam Winslade for writing this review for me.

This is a ride that is themed and designed brilliantly. This is the fastest coaster in Europe (at time of writing) at 84mph and also one of the best. The ride starts with you queuing inside a vineyard, with weird gadgets and inventions made by the mad professor. When you get inside you see its a winged coaster, which is where your seats are not over the track, but sticking out to the side. There is also no floor so, you feel very vulnerable.

Once you loaded you move into a little room, with a big screen above you and, and a robotic monkey going around, the film starts and the mad professor starts telling you about his new invention (which is the ride), this goes on for several minutes until the monkey breaks a machine, and wine goes all over the professor, then the robotic monkey moves towards the lever near the screen, the professor shouts  "don't do it!" but the monkey does and you get launched out of the station. One thing about the ride while your watching the little film, is that you move back a far way from where you started watching. This is very similar to the pull-back cars that kids have. When outside you glide around the "vineyard" then do a corkscrew, then go flying over a river back into the station.

When I got off to my horror, I found out you can buy a ride DVD, which I didn't due to the 15 euro price tag. This is a must for thrill seekers and roller coaster enthusiasts.