Gnome Valley



Normally you'd be forgiven for not expecting much from a park that has a big apple coaster as a signature attraction. This though isn't just a standard apple coaster, it's a larger custom version. The only example I can think of something like this being done elsewhere is the custom spinning mouse at Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris. Thinking about it, that type of ride would be a good fit for Fiabilandia, maybe at the quiet part of the lake where space is limited.

When you hear it called a big apple coaster you may just think it's a family coaster with caterpillar shaped cars. It does though you the same track, and even the same ride elements of the more familiar version. Being based around a traditional kiddie coaster you'd expect it to be low on thrills, and you'd be right. It makes up for things in the fun stakes though. It takes a terrain coaster approach staying close to the ground over several hills and through several tunnels. What really ups the fun though is the scenery.

Keeping with the name Gnome Valley you have several encounters with the Gnomes, as well as going around a pond with animated lily pads, and an encounter with another caterpillar as you pass through one of the big apples. Even without the roller coaster elements it would still be a nice scenic ride. With the coaster elements it may lack in thrills, but it ranks as one of the most fun kiddie coasters I've done, making it worth a go, even for adults.