Walibi World is home to a couple of coasters I feel are underrated. There's Robin Hood, a great family woodie, and there's also this. I think part of this is it's a similar ride to Expedition G-Force at Holiday Park, a very highly rated ride, not located far from this one in Germany. Here I find my views go against the trend set by most enthusiasts, as I think this is the superior ride.

I think what I prefer is the fact the layout here has more variety on offer. It starts off with a generous 150 foot drop, before setting out over a number of hills, all of which provide some nice air time as you go over them. This is a similar concept to Expedition G-Force, but this ride has some other elements as well.

My favourite part of this ride, and a personal favourite part of any roller coaster, is the extreme banked turn on the top of the second hill. This sees you tipped at a 90 degree angle to the right. When this happens so suddenly when your very high up in the air it really is a thrilling experience. This part is then followed up by a nice helix section, before returning to a number of air time hills that take you back to the station.

This is a ride that is well worth seeking out, it's one you can easily do multiple goes off, and not get tired of it.