Ah Goudurix, you know I sometimes feel a little sorry for you. This ride has one of the worst reputations amongst enthusiasts going, due to it's very rough track. It's been right at the bottom of a number of poles, ranked as the worst coaster in the world. That seems a little harsh as I can think of enough I've done that are worse to keep it out my bottom 5. Here they are:

5) The Dragon: Funland, Hayling Island. I want to avoid puppy kicking, and complaining about kiddie coasters, designed for 5 year olds being rubbish, but one so rough I'm put off ever riding it again deserves to be on the list.
4) Wild Wild West: Park Warner, Madrid. A terribly rough and uncomfortable wooden coaster, which unlike other rough wooden coasters I've done doesn't have the virtue of an exciting ride underneath.
3) Volare: Weiner Prater. An attempt to introduce the flying coaster to the mass market. It's so uncomfortable, and even painful you spend the whole ride bracing yourself, just to try to reduce said pain.
2) Sequoia Adventure: Garderland. Before riding this I wondered why more coasters like this didn't exist. I soon found out it's because it provides no thrills or excitement, and every element is painful to ride.
Feng Shen Coaster: Beijing. The Chinese attempt at a shuttle loop is a disaster in coaster design. On the second run through the loop the ride comes to a near halt, and feels like it's going to shake itself to pieces as it inches along.

So on to Goudrix, not one of my bottom 5 coasters. Given past reception that's one of the better quotes they have to promote the ride. If you didn't know if it's reputation you would be pretty excited to see it. It has a total of 7 inversions in a twisted compact layout. Since I last visited it's been given a new coat of paint that does help make it a lot more striking. Other than that though there's not much theming. This area is supposed to be a Viking themed area, presumably because Goudurix (or Justforkix, to give him his English name) was a character in Asterix and the Normans. To be honest though there's so little theming I only realised it was a Viking themed area after looking at the park map.

So it was on to the ominously empty queue line and on to the ride. You know for a second I thought I might get a decent ride out of it as it was a reasonably smooth first drop. Then the train stopped going in a strait line. As it veered to the left for the first time it jolted horribly. That was story for every element the train went through, forcing me to brace myself for a test of endurance, rather than getting any enjoyment from the ride. Then came a moment of despair where I thought the ride was over, then realised we still had the double corkscrews to go.

It's a shame really, as the layout does look good. I reckon if you could smooth the track out, and maybe installed some more modern trains with more comfortable restraints you would end up with a decent ride. Of course with the current state of things I wonder if it would just be easier to get a new ride than try to fix this. Is it one to ever ride? Well if the queue is short (which is likely, it's not just enthusiasts who are aware of this rides problems) I might give it a go, just-for-kix, but it's never one that's ever going to rank as a must do, or even one to give up much time for.