Grand Splash



It was only when preparing to write this review that I realised it had been over 20 years since I last rode this before my most recent visit. I vaguely remember doing this on a family camping holiday when I was young, and remember it being just a long boat ride through a not particularly interesting area, with an average drop at the end. On future visits I've always skipped it after seeing the queue, as it didn't seem worth it. On my last visit though it was a quiet day, at least by the standards of the popular Parc Asterix, so this was close to walk on, so I decided to give it a quick go.

Well the good news is it's a lot better than I remember. There were some good bit's I think I must have forgotten about, and some improvements that have been made to the ride. One thing I must have forgotten about was there is a second drop, hidden from public view, and it's a notable one. After the hill lift there is a drop before the scenic route. What's notable is it's not a simple strait line drop. It sees you descending around a large u-turn corner at speed before splashing into the water. It's a concept that's a bit of a rarity which is a shame as it's a fun thrilling idea.

One thing that I'm certain has changed in the scenic area after the drop. It used to be just some plain gardens, with the only real scenery to see was the Asterix model on the mock up mountain overlooking this part of the park. Now they've spiced things up with a number of fountains and water jets that activate as the boat passes. This goes a long way to adding interest too the ride, and successfully converts a previously dull section into a fun one.

The ride ends with the big drop into the lake below, which was a pretty standard affair 20 years ago. It's age does show with a few jolts in the track at this point, but apart from that it's nothing that memorable. Overall though this is a good fun ride. Perhaps not up their with the best water rides around, but for what it is, it provides a nice fun diversion. It's not a must do, but it's gone up on my priority list when visiting the park.