G'sengete Sau



It's not very often I can say this, but I own a piece of this ride. Well an old spare part that was going to be thrown away. It's from when I visited with the coaster club, and they let us have a pretty good exclusive ride session. This included getting to walk up the hill lift, and having a go operating the ride, under supervision from the booth. At the end they let us have some of the rides old wheels from the cars. mine now sits on top of my fridge, along with a plastic light bulb cover that fell off a travelling booster ride as I was on it.

This is a Gerstlauer bobsled coaster, very similar to the Cobra at Paultons Park, this one has an extra helix or two at the end. If you've looked around the site you'll know the Cobra is one of my favourite family coasters. This version improves on what is already a winning formula.

For a start the theming on this, and the area it's set in is a lot better, this includes several tunnels and bridges found on the rides layout which adds some extra excitement to the ride.

The real bonus though is that it tears around the track at a much wilder, and more frantic pace, meaning every possible bit of excitement is squeezed from the expertly designed track layout. With it's variety of helixes, wild mouse style u-turns and bunny hops it's a highly exciting family coaster.