Haunted Castle



This is a ride that definitely deserves points for originality. It starts innocently enough with you entering the castle where there is a short walk through a series of spooky corridors. These are nice and atmospheric, but nothing outstanding, at the end of them you come to the waiting area. One problem I found here is that it's not immediately clear what's going on. It would help if they put a clock here to indicate that your waiting for a show, and to tell you how long a wait you've got. Once the doors open and your on to the show, things start to get interesting.

On the stage is a large, around life size haunted church and graveyard. Once the show starts various animatronics start to move, and appear from places. This is all set to the tune of Danse Macarbe (O.K. the theme tune to Jonathan Creek) which sets the tune perfectly.

My only misgivings, and the reason I'm not scoring it higher is it doesn't feel like a complete package for a ride. It feels more like a great pre show for a Haunted Swing or another similar ride, but it doesn't have enough going for it to stand up on it's own. Still, on it's own it's still a charming and unique attraction that's well worth seeking out.