In America the idea of a ride based around a film, or films is an idea that has been used in quite a few places. In Europe it's a lot rarer. This ride is themed as a trip around Hollywood, with the boat going around recreations of the scenes and sets from famous films from the Golden Age of Cinema.

On riding it you realise this is a great idea, and it's surprising that it hasn't been done more. Riding around the various scenes is an enthralling experience. the models have all been done on a good scale, creating a good sense of escapism. There's also some nice touches of humour found in some of the scenes, this along with a good pace, with you passing many scenes means it's a ride where your interest is unlikely to waver.

The only area where it's slightly let down is a few of the models feel a little tatty. This though is really only nitpicking. The feeling of nostalgia   this ride creates means these models don't feel out of place, or in any way spoil your enjoyment of a great ride.