Hollywood Action Tower



And the prize for the least subtle attempt to rip off a Disney ride goes too...... It's a free fall style ride that plays the Twilight Zone theme tune in the queue, rather like a certain Disney ride. Unlike the Disney ride though there are no dark ride elements. It's an all out thrill ride providing a nightmare at approximately 130 feet.

The ride itself is of some note. It's a now rare example of the precursor to the many tower rides found around the world today. Instead of running up and down a strait tower you go up the inside of the tower, before being transferred to the outside part. From there you drop vertically down, before you run down a track that levels you out. This sees you travelling along the track lying on your back, facing up at the sky. You then hit the brakes and are transferred back down to the station below the track.

Overall it's a pretty good thrill ride, providing a good intense drop from the top of the tower. It stands out in a good way from other drop tower rides. Not enough to make it a must do if you've tried one of the many future generation towers, but it's still worth a few goes unless the queue gets really bad.