Horror House



Live action horror mazes are becoming a lot more common, certainly in the UK. Most though are seasonal attractions, and/or independently run where you pay just to do the maze, rather than be included in the price of entering a park. This makes an all season one that's free to all park visitors a rarity.

Given these conditions I'd be willing to accept a basic ride. A short ride of a couple of rooms and only 1 or 2 actors would be more than acceptable in the circumstances. Apparently though this wasn't acceptable to the people who run Movieland Park as they've done so much more than that.

The concept is simple enough. There's no major plot, just your group walking through a number of scary rooms and corridors. One thing that struck me about it was how large a ride it is. Unlike the majority of mazes I've done that take a few minutes this one can easily take two or three times as long. This does mean mean the actors and other scares are a little more spread out than normal. This isn't a bad thing though, the scares are still frequent enough to mean you can't stop and relax, and the gaps between actually help create tension, making walking down the dark corridors more nervy  than one with more constant scares.

Despite the length the quality of the theming and costumes is still good. It's not of the highest level, but your very unlikely to notice this during the ride itself. A lot of costumes consist of replica masks of famous horror icons instead of make up effects found on a lot of other mazes. Apart from the oversized Chucky though most of these still looked OK, and as a fan of horror films it was actually pretty cool to encounter the likes of Freddy Kruger and Billy from Saw.

Horror mazes like this are some of my favourite dark rides, and this is one of the best I've ever done. It would be great as a seasonal attraction for Halloween, the fact it's a ride you can do all season is just amazing.